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18 FEET IN THE PIRINEOS! august 2007


sunny 35 °C

~Carb and Gas are so happy with their brand new, blue, normal size, Spanish kitty litter box. They like blue. It also matches their brand new Spanish kitty litter. No scoopable stuff to be had in Jaca, so opted for the clear crystal stuff with the blue flecks. It's Martha Stuart beautiful! But of course, they won't use it...it's just different. So I awoke last night, with a start, to the sound of a china cabinet crashing to the floor shattering it's entire contents of crystal and glass! NOT...one of the cats decided to test drive the cat box. Noisiest cat litter on the market!
~In my Hostal, the only one in Jaca that accepts cats, I found a bathtub. As I know bathtubs are a rare commodity when living in small apartamentos, I have taken advantage of my full size tub. Gas has developed severe twitches and itches so am finally bathing him in shampoo far more expensive than mine, Selsen Blue, as had been prescribed by our Canadian vet for his dandruff disabilities, which combined with a bad hair could have been diagnosed as mange (sp?) which would just not have been a good thing at customs entering Spain. Too late, customs just didn't notice. Anyway...Carb gets the same shampoo treatment...just because!
~Another note of coincidence between Susana and I, her mother and I share the exact same birth date, March 10, 1961!
~I am officially a resident of Jaca, Spain, as I now have a library card! There exists one bookshelf containing 5 shelves of books en ingles! Of course, they are not necessarily national best sellers or even published in the recent century...and I may have to re-read Anne of Green Gables (the one token piece of Canadian literature), but I am just sooooooo happy! And so is the librarian as I donated 2 English books I brought and have read...I think she likes Canadians now too!
~Visited the local Friday market in Jaca. It is not the Rastro of Madrid, but should I need to purchase a thong during my stay here...I know where to shop!
~Yes, if only these cats could speak...FUCK, would probably be the first word out of their mouths (and they are neutered, so now you have context)!
~So I now have an address...send peanut butter (for me) and Temptations Cat Treats (for Carb and Gas) please!
Dana Biernacki
Calle del Barco, 9 (bajo)
22700 Jaca Huesca
~So, my new piso has 2 bedrooms, 4 beds...come visit! It's newly renovated with clay floors, exposed stone walls, exposed beamed ceilings and a terraza (terrace). It's amazing. Beautiful. Home for a year!
~Had to clean a lot of renovation dust, but alas, a few days with a borrowed vacuum and we're down to clay and stone...let the shedding begin Carb and Gas!
~Have been hiking and trekking a mountain a week, day hikes...takes me a week to recuperate! So we're talking 8 to 10 hour continuous, mostly uphill,ventures. This, combined with my involuntary diet (my stove/oven is due to be installed this week, so have become an accidental vegetarian!) has loosened my clothes. Peculiar how the skin doesn't retract so well at age 46! But, I feel so good, emotionally, physically and spiritually!
~As in any new place, new world, I am learning it's ways...for instance, I have just learned of the short cut to the first mountain I hiked...could have cut 5 km off my 30 km day hike!
~Setting up and operating new appliances with Spanish manuals has been quite a task. The washer: looks foreign, sounds foreign, but 2 loads later and I think I've got it figured out...one load, however, takes and hour and a half! The dryer: is even slower...I strung a clothes line! But simple to operate. The fridge: now this is an ongoing challenge. One minute we're friends and the next, it's beeping and flashing lights at me, and really, there are only 2 possible buttons to push (unlike the washer), so how complicated should a fridge be?! And the manual is as thick as the latest Harry Potter book, which incidentally, I still haven't got (Spanish book store guy assures me in September)! Wait...I now have it...and feel privileged that I have taken time away from Harry et al to write to you!
~Carb and Gas have made a Spanish amigo...se llama Diesel! Yes, we have adopted boarders, temporarily. My friends Susana (Poland) and Antonio (Madrid) and Diesel have moved in. They needed a room, and I happened to have one...and I accept cats! Diesel is young and follows Carb everywhere, to Carb's dismay, and Gas just observes from beneath protective furniture and growls! Carb is much more tolerant in a good-thing-for-Diesel-that-I-just-had-my-claws-clipped kind of way. Perhaps it is a language barrier issue. A great opportunity for an inter-cambio language exchange as Carb and Gas now reside in Spanish territory and Diesel, awaiting a visa, is Canada-bound. How coincidental! I just love how lives interconnect amongst opposite destinations!
~And now the brother of Susana visits from Poland, so we are an international full house! I'm loving it all!
Hasta luego mis amigos,
dana and fur

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