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January 30, 2008 to February 29, 2008

~Just finished reading “The Power of Now”…and conclude that Gasoline, my cat, not the fuel, is my Zen master! Simply put, he exists in the moment, and loves every minute of the moment! For a while there, I was thinking that the x-ray machine he slid through in the Madrid train station had turned him retarded. When in actual fact, he is my role model…accepting all that is…next I’ll be chasing shadows!

~No joke…when I asked a Spanish friend why Spaniards don’t have automatic clothes dryers, my friend replied in complete seriousness, “Because clothes dry faster on a clothes line.” And it wasn’t a man who said this!

~Daily, in Jaca, I almost get hit by at least one car! As I’m crossing a street and am first looking left for traffic…I forget about the car to the right of me backing up into the empty spot where I am illegally J-walking from. I thought the concept of parallel parking was only used in driver’s examination tests!

~The canuck chicas, Lauren and Meagan, revisited Jaca. Something about the lure of comfort and cleanliness that can’t be found in a youth hostel. I’ve attempted to discourage their visits by forcing them to help me carry copious amounts of cat litter from the farthest located grocery store in Jaca…but they continue to return!

~Not much new to report here in the neighbourhood, except I suspect the Ecuadorians that live above me are trying to have another kid!

~I miss a bathtub. For Christmas I received a bathbomb so I put a plastic bag over the shower drain, dropped the bomb into the two inches of water and had lovely smelling feet for a day!

~The fridge and I have come to an understanding in our relationship, actually a standstill. It beeps. I unplug it.

~I’m still bewildered by the cartons of sterilized milk I am forced to buy in Jaca. The Spanish have fridges for fresh milk. And the surrounding mountains are full of fresh cows! No entiendo!

~Do you know the processed, never-goes-moldy, glow-in-the-dark fluorescent-white sponge-like stuff you can buy in Canada, called “Wonder” Bread? (An appropriate name!) Well, here it’s called “Bimbo”! (Another appropriate name!) So, I looked up Bimbo in Spanish…doesn’t exist…but in the English more-than-half of my dictionary, Bimbo translates to “tia buena sin seso”=a good girl without brains/intelligence! Once Spain learns to speak English, they may have to change this name!

~I’ve now skied 5 times in the Pyrenees mountains, which supersedes my Canadian expertise, and I can confidently announce that I have mastered the chair lifts! February 8, my last alpine insurance-less adventure…the temperature was 22 °C at midday! We had joked about skiing topless…good thing we didn’t, because my face was beet-red the next day! As my Spanish friend described, we looked like traffic lights.

~So, if the world is “getting smaller”…then why do parcels from Canada take so long to get to Spain?

~Like Pavlovian’s Law, Carb and Gas have learned to recognize that a Postal package notice equates to Temptations cat treats! I, too, am conditioned and get excited at the thought of anything Canadian! I’ve never so appreciated such basic gifts as: a new pair of socks, Werther’s candies, dish towels, tomato paste, chocolate chips and all the extras. Thank you soooooooooo much Karen and Cassandra! A Christmas parcel in January still feels like Christmas!

~Even in February…there really is a Santa Claus…I laughed a lot opening your gifts Bev…how will I ever explain where Providence Bay is to a Spaniard! Great “stuff”, but the book, oh, the book is like orgasmic or gold or both! I’m starving for good literature and wondered how I could survive while abroad in Morocco without a fix! I steered my eyes away from the synopsis on the back cover as I immediately slipped “Eat, Pray, Love” into my packed pack (I did catch the title and see below why my pack is packed!)) for fear the temptation would overwhelm me…! Many thanks for thinking of me and my furry friends. We feel spoiled!

~Now I know why I’m still single! I’ve been wearing my ring on my right hand…seems this is the wedding ring hand in this region of Spain!

~Jaca has just experienced 3 consecutive days of cloud…and already I’m suffering symptoms of S.A.D.!

~How well do you know cats? Are you aware of the phenomenon of cats magnetizing to papers…sit down to work or read a newspaper, for example, and the nearest cat plops themselves on the centre of your attention? Well, Carb has a similar intrinsic knowledge of locating my bladder when he feels it’s time to wake up in the morning!

~I’m taking the month of March off (overworked…need a vacation!) from my 3 hour a week job! I have successfully accomplished attaining the 5-day weekend, or 2-day workweek! That’s right, I’ve downsized my work schedule, I quit my day job! Lauren can vouch for me, it was glorified babysitting, and that’s not in my job description this year! Lauren and I are meeting in Sevilla to venture through Morocco for a month! Meanwhile, it’s a game of musical cat sitters for 31 days! It’s been 27 years since I last roamed Marruecos…wonder if sandstorms still blast through the glassless windows of 3rd class trains filled with goats, chickens and people like me, or if random guys still run up and faceplant kisses on unsuspecting travellers (I am 27 years less attractive!) But if they still speak Arabic, then I sill remember how to say “Get Lost”! Stay tuned…I’ll update you in April!

~Flying to Latvia in May for a week! An all-expense paid excursion courtesy of a European Project. All I have to do is pretend I’m a Spanish-as-a-Second-Language learner. I can do that! Isn’t life just full of opportunities…all you have to do is notice them!

Con todo mi carina (just imagine the “n” in carino has a little curvy line over it!)
Dana, Carb and Gas xox

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